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Butyl Rubber Compound

"VARDHMAN" Butyl Rubber Compound - It,s a Self Adhesive Rubber Compund Made Of Butyl Rubber ,Self Protected By a Double sided Release Paper, available in Various Size and colours.


  • Can Be Cold Applied
  • Does Not Flow Under Heat
  • Absolutely Waterproof
  • No Oil Migration
  • Excellent Adhesive Properties Even At Low Temperatures
  • Excellent Resistant To ageing And UV - rays.

    Pipe Wrapping Rubber Tapes

    Pipe Wrapping Rubber Tapes

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    Our range of Pipe Wrapping Tapes is widely appreciated for its non inflammable nature. These tapes are coated with PVC film and are perfect to be used for surface contours. Moreover, pipe wrapping tapes can be applied to flat as well as irregular surfaces. Used for water related stuff, these tapes are known for their excellent water resistance.


    Following are the highlights of these tapes:


    • High mass of specially formulated pressure sensitive adhesive

    • Used even underground

    • Water resistance

    • Easy application

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    Butyl Tapes

    Butyl Tapes

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    TypeDouble Sided
    Size2 inch


    It can effectively enhance the toughness and strength of the double-sided butyl tape and prevent the tape from deformation, so that it is widely applied to building , Pipes waterproofing and Insulations automobile punching accessories. Tapes of different thickness and sizes can be customized.

    Product Description

    The tape is specially designed for Hot Water Pipes ,Buildings Joints cable and Etc. Good performance for insulation and water proof.Working temperature 90 Degree (can reach 500 degree in short time).Reliable performance for water proof and UV resistance.

    Application field,

    1) Cable jointing.
    2) Telecoms.
    3) Aerial installation.
    4) Mechanical fixings.
    5) Hose and pipe repair.
    6) Sports handle wraping


    1) Solvent free,good weather-resistance and insulation performance.
    2) Adaptable to cables.


    Main technical date,

    Item Result

    • Heat resistance Pass 130 degree
    • Tensile strength 1.1N/mm²
    • Elongation at rupture 1000%
    • Air water transmittance 0.08g/100in²/24hr
    • Insulation resistance 19.3KV/mm
    • Ozone resistance pass


    1) Surface must be dry and clean, remove any moisture ,grease and dust.
    2) Butyl tape should be stored at room temperature and normal humidity,and kept away from sunshine and hot air.
    3) One time application can make sure its best performance.


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    Butyl  Mastic Tape

    Butyl Mastic Tape

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